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About Us

Diving and hyperbaric supplies is an Egyptian company established since almost 10years by Dr.Ehab Tomoum .

This company is a result of natural development of a sea lover and professional diver who loves the underwater world and all what is related to it .

Dr.ehab tomoum , physician , born 1963 , was one of the first youngest instructors in Egypt among the 8divers pioneers group of diving Mediterranean and red sea that used to gather under the Sea Lovers Club early 80's (Dr.ehab tomoum-dr.Adel Taher- Capt/Ali Saad El din - Dr/Hany M.fahmy - Dr.Khaled Sorour - Mohamed Hagrass - Eng/Mounir Teweig - Artist/Ayman salah Taher ) with full respect and regards they are the ones who started it all in recreational diving and exploration before all the development in red sea or Sinai ..

All above would always mention Mr.Kiros Paschalis who was and still as the first to explore the Red Sea , first to open a dive shop and fill tanks and repair scuba equipment with talent ,first who helped in gathering us .

Dr.Ehab , established the  first diving school in Cairo and sports clubs , while he was studying medicine .He is a CMAS 3star instructor - MDEA master instructor with lots of specialty training in deep /night/equipment repair/medic rescue/salvage and navigation / chamber tending / wreck penetrations - PDIC instructor trainer - PADI Instructor - DAN oxygen instructor - Nitrox Instructor trainer .

On 1991 , He moved to Sinai to manage and establish a diving center in Sharm then took another center in Dahab to run and manage professionally under Sinai Dive Club name , then he established his own company to run diving centers South Dive Clubs , under which he operated the center in Coralia-Novotel dahab till 2007 .


On 1995 Dr.ehab as he is talented and true diving equipment expert and lover , established his company for diving and hyperbaric supplies to divers , diving centers , rescue teams , diving police and special forces . His experience in this sector has always made him selective regarding the equipment he supplies.

On 2007-2008 he built his office and store in Cairo with a work shop and soon a diving school with filling station to serve his clients and companies seeking his diving and hyperbaric supplies .

Dr.ehab tomoum , is one of the most active in general services related to diving , he is one of the founders and board members of South Sinai diving and marine activities association SSDM (NGO) ,also manager of Dahab office ,  he is also a member of the technical and medical division of the Egyptian Under water Federation EULF , he is a member of the Chamber of Touristic establishments responsible for north aqaba gulf safety and diving inspection as a member of the diving council of ministry of tourism .For his experience he is the first to be titled as a diving investigator for diving accidents in Egypt..

Here , I would like to say thanks for : Captain/Aly Saad El din - Dr. Adel Taher - Mounir Toweig - all at the commercial diving section whom we dived years together - All at the Egyptian NAVY - All at the Nile rescue police c/o Mohamed Amin Abdou ...I thank all to be the experience sharing buddies and whom i learnt a lot with and whom we meet and develop together technical needs for  the Diving in Egypt ..

Last ,  I wish to always remember my close friend and buddy in diving whom i lost a year ago captain/Hussein Amer .

Also Mr/Mahmoud Al Qirsh in Hurgahda Diving association , was first to help and work for safety and rescue in all accidents . Will always remember and mention as our dear Buddies





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