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DHS has the honor to supply for the following projects and clients:

-Scuba equipment & compressors for diving centers , schools , Nile rescue police .

-special and tactical equipment for special forces and Navy divers .

-Commercial & Rescue diving companies (hydraulic tools - video- salvage - umbilicals - Recompression chambers- surface supply equipment and masks - containerized equipment -Boats - Contaminated waters diving sets - ROVs ).

-Technical diving equipment .

-Umbilicals terminals - UW wired and wireless communication and air control boxes - UW welding . 

DHS , supplied the first and biggest chamber in Egypt by Hytech Hyot1700 for the Civil defense in Cairo .

DHS , developed the closed circuit systems to work with AGA mask and UW wireless comm .

DHS , invented and introduced a contaminated water diving system for the Rescue police


Supply and training Suez canal Authority Rescue teams underwater video system with wireless communication (portsaid-Ismailia)

Supply and training Timsah Divers Alexandria diving equipment and Video systems

Supply and training Dumyat harbour rescue divers on underwater cutting and welding

Supply and training Dumyat harbour rescue divers on underwater Hull cleaning equipment

Supply and training Waste water company Cairo on contaminated diving equipment and procedures dry suits/masks/bail out / uw wireless communication .







 Diving - Hyperbaric supplies and consultants

 Dr. Ehab Tomoum :: Email: ehabtomoum@gmail.com

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