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As DHS-Egypt has a vast knowledge and  friends from manufacturers from all over the world , DHS has a wide range of supplies for all diving sections and needs with reasonable prices .

Our supplies are covered by our guarantee and the equipment manufacturer guarantee.

Whatever we supply is whatever we found safe and efficient to be used by our clients.

We care for the client investment and safety, with our clients we develop equipment that is good for the waters they dive in and job they do.

Egypt has all sort of waters and different types of UW jobs and each has a need that we fully understand and support.

Egyptian diving commanders and centers are willing to develop and renovate yet they need a sincere reasonably quoting experienced supplier .

Our diving equipment and tools come from different manufacturers as we select the good parts of each of them .

From Europe , we are Viking dry suits dealers , Hytech rep and dealer , Seaflex dealers , Interspiro dealers , Galiso test dealers , Trident compressors dealers .

From USA , we are dealers of OTS UW communications , XSscuba , Actionplus .

From Taiwan ,  Aquatec exclusive dealer.

Our line of supplies covers vast categories needed by SCUBA-Commercial-Tactical-Hypebaric sections. 

We dig and work hard to find the best for our clients.






 Diving - Hyperbaric supplies and consultants

 Dr. Ehab Tomoum :: Email: ehabtomoum@gmail.com

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